Mantua Frill scarf

The Mantua Frill scarf is named after 18th century gowns which were often decorated with frills and ruffles. The scarf is long, wide and very voluptous! It is made from fabrics cut on the bias, or diagonal of the cloth which makes the fabric drape and ruffle beautifully, and the raw edges wont fray.
Depending on the stiffness of the fabrics used, the scarf will either drape and hang in soft folds, or stand up and frame the face. Fabrics used include vintage and recycled silks and other fabrics, organic silk and organic cotton. As with most products, we can make a scarf from your own choice of fabric to match other items or use a piece of precious vintage fabric of your own (although a large piece of fabric is required - there is a lot of cloth in these!).
The scarves can be made in a range of lengths from mini, about 1m long to maxi, about 2m long. The prices range from £100-£200. Limited stock held, please contact us if you wish to order a bespoke scarf.